Welcome! Your Journey to wellness starts here.

Join us in the tea bar & enjoy a sweet brew of herbal tea or refreshing glass of Alkaline water.

Unwind with an Ionic Foot Detox.

Learn what a powerful tool Iridology is… Based on a scientific study of the iris, the colored part of your eye. This non-invasive technique may revel the state of health and potential imbalances in a person’s body, simply by looking at their eye.

Relax and set your mind free with beginner meditation.

Explore the powerful tool of Reiki energy healing. Allow yourself the opportunity to heal from physical ailments,  mental, emotional, or energetic imbalances.

6 Week Beginner Yoga Classes now forming

Next Steps…

Every person we meet, we are destine to meet. It is no accident that you are reading this, you found Treasure Coase Holistic health center for a reason. It would be our honor to help you find your happiest, healthies self. Read our blog click here, start your journey today…

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