Kids Nutrition

6 Weeks to Wellness

This family oriented program will have you & your family feeling great in no time!

With our start small steps, the little changes we make over the 6 week program, will create new healthy habits without feeling like you are missing something.

~Diet: Based on whole foods nutrition, together we will create a customized plan, that fits your specific lifestyle. You will learn how to eat healthy foods while still enjoying a great lifestyle. As a result, you will lose weight, but it will be a side effect of eating foods that are right for your body.

~Exercise: We will help you create an exercise routine that is realistic & set obtainable goals, as we understand that not everyone can get to the gym for an hour each day.

~Stress Management: We will work on beginner meditation techniques including breathing & guided meditations. We will teach you how to start to take control of your thoughts.

~Other topics we may cover:
How to set healthy obtainable goals
How to reboot/detox safely
How much water you should drink & methods to improve your intake
How to improve your elimination system (yes we are going to talk about poop!;)
How to improve your focus & mental clarity
How to improve your sleep
How dry skin brushing can help reduce cellulite, and improve your lymphatic system.
and more…

Cost for the 6 week program is $500 & includes all family members living in your home.

In person services offered in Martin County, or worldwide via zoom.