Reiki Healing Circle

Reiki Healing Circle

A Reiki healing circle is an opportunity for those who need healing of physical, mental, or emotional imbalances.

We begin each circle with a meditation to prepare you to receive healing. Following, you will receive a Reiki treatment, in which healing energy is transferred from a certified practitioner via light touch or beaming.

The energy healing is extremely powerful and effective at addressing physical, mental, emotional, and energetic imbalance.

It works in conjunction with your sympathetic nervous system and the many subtle layers of the energetic field. Balancing the chakra system, Reiki addresses stress and other root causes of “dis-ease,” restoring harmony with the universal life force energy also known as chi or prana.

Distance Reiki also available.

Class begins February 21, and will be every 3rd Thursday of each month.

Suggested donation:  $10-$30

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Holistic Education Foundation. 

To register please email: