Beginner Yoga

Embark on a journey of learning to love yoga at your own pace, with a kind, patient & understand teacher in a private or semi-private class.

You keep hearing people say how awesome yoga is & that it is really good for your health. What is holding you back from going? Maybe you tried a yoga class & couldn’t keep up or thought you were not flexible enough?  Perhaps you were intimidated by all the people in the room.

At Inspired By Life, we start all our yoga classes at the  “before” beginner  level.  We limit the class to no more than 6 people, so you get one on one attention that you deserve.

Why is Inspired By Life’s Yoga Class so Special? Click here to read about our style…

Please contact us to reserve your place in the up-coming class.

Starting the first 6 week beginner yoga class:

9:00-10:00am every Thursday
At Tranquility Healing
Cost for the 6 week class is $150.